World Fisheries Congress buoyed by NOAA partnership

Photo courtesy of NOAA

Preparations for the World Fisheries Congress 2020 (WFC2020) this October have been buoyed, with the engagement of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as a Premium Congress Sponsor.

NOAA is the United States federal agency responsible for the stewardship of the nation’s ocean resources and their habitat. The agency manages a range of vital services including productive and sustainable fisheries, safe sources of seafood, the recovery and conservation of protected resources, and healthy ecosystems.

NOAA Fisheries Senior Scientist for Ecosystems, Dr Jason Link, said WFC2020 was an important event supporting global connections on fisheries issues.

“NOAA has historically supported the World Fisheries Congress and values the opportunity to explore and exchange best practices among global leaders in fisheries. This important partnership is crucial for advancing our priorities in fisheries science and management,” Dr Link said.

“Partnerships are key. The forum provided by the World Fisheries Congress allows for the range of parties interested and participating in fisheries science, conservation, and management to gather and consider global perspectives and trends in how fisheries are working.

“There are of course the usual networking and business development opportunities, but the opportunity to see and discuss what is working well and what lessons can be learned and shared globally are important objectives for the World Fisheries Congress.

“The role of industry is inseparable from research and management in the pursuit to end overfishing. The World Fisheries Congress provides a neutral forum for these groups to consider perspectives and trends in how to address this issue at regional and global scales.

“We’re delighted to partner with our Australian colleagues to make the WFC a success.”

The theme for next year’s Congress ‘Sharing our oceans and rivers – a vision for the world’s fisheries’, supports a range of key issues of interest to NOAA including:

  • understanding how changes to ocean conditions will impact living marine resources and their habitats
  • how nations are moving towards ecosystem-based fisheries management
  • exploring novel sampling and surveying technologies including advanced technologies, electronic monitoring, genomics and related approaches
    increasing integrated seafood production
  • exploring how multi-trophic level aquaculture can be applied.

One of the most significant events on the fisheries calendar, World Fisheries Congress 2020 will be held in Adelaide, Australia and see up to 1,500 delegates from around the world descend on the city to discuss global fisheries issues.

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