Professor Olaf Weyl (left) and Professor Nicholas Mandrak

Professor Olaf Weyl was a Chair and Chief Scientist at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB). His research revolved around understanding human impacts on freshwater fish communities and included aspects of conservation, fisheries, and invasion biology. Olaf published over 250 scientific articles and reports, and countless articles for the public. He was the proud mentor of many postdoctoral fellows and graduate and undergraduate students.

Nicholas Mandrak is a Professor and Director of a professional Master’s program in Conservation and Biodiversity at the University of Toronto. His research is primarily on the biodiversity, biogeography, and conservation of freshwater fishes, with emphasis on Canada. Nick has co-authored more than 300 scientific articles and reports, and several books.

Nick presented their joint research on behalf of Olaf.

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