Professor Katsumi Tsukamoto, International Fisheries Science Prize Winner

Professor Katsumi Tsukamoto

The 2020 International Fisheries Science Prize was awarded to Professor Katsumi Tsukamoto from the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Atmospheric and Ocean Research at the University of Tokyo, Japan.

In the citation that was attached to his nomination Professor Tsukamoto was described as “the international authority on the biology, ecology, and conservation of freshwater eels. The sheer breadth, depth, and scope of his contributions from the local to the global scale on this entire group of fishes that make up a key marine fishery, and his duration in this field, is truly unique. His tireless work not only in research and international collaboration, but in mentoring younger scientists and engagement in public outreach, including talking to school children about his work, visiting 277 schools during 2015-2018, is without par”.

Professor Toyoji Kaneko

Professor Tsukamoto’s prize was awarded at the Word Fisheries Congress in Adelaide, Australia in September 2021. Unfortunately, Professor Tsukamoto was unable to attend the Congress; however, Toyoji Kaneko accepted the award and presented his work on his behalf.

Toyoji Kaneko is a Professor in Fish Physiology at Department of Aquatic Science, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan.

Professor Kaneko also serves as President of Japanese Society of Fisheries Science.

He is an expert in fish osmoregulation, and is currently engaged in research on the application of osmoregulation to the fisheries industry, especially to land-based aquaculture of marine fish.

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