Best Restaurant New South Wales: reviews

Last Update: May 2022

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1. Coogee Pavilion - 169 Dolphin St, Coogee NSW
32 reviews
Bartender took $50 for drinks worth $20 and told me there was no change whilst starting to serve other customers. What an absolute discrace. The worst...

2. Opera Bar - Sydney Opera House, Macquarie St, Sydney NSW
17 reviews
Came here on my last night in Sydney and I was not disappointed. Arrived shortly before sunset and the views of the harbour bridge and opera house...

3. Pancakes On The Rocks - 22 Playfair St, The Rocks NSW
21 review
Open 24/7 I belive, massive pancake defiantly to try once in a while! Big restaurant I ve been there at 6.30am wasn't that busy. Nice staff, good...

4. Dosa Hut Indian Restaurant - 69 Wigram St, Harris Park NSW
19 reviews
We have ordered through uber eats, Uber drive (bhaveshkumar babulal) was very rude, unprofessional, he texted me after reach to my next building while...

5. Star Casino - 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW
17 reviews
Called in to see Saturday Night Fever at the theatre.had a fantastic time with show being great, facilities being first class, top views from any...

6. Jasmin1 Lebanese Restaurant Auburn - 22 Civic Rd, Auburn NSW
24 reviews
This Lebanese restaurant is by far the best I've been too.its very busy during dinner time but its definitely worth the family eat from...

7. Munich Brauhaus - 33 Playfair St &, Argyle St, The Rocks NSW
31 review
Terrible service. Average food. 1. Sat at a table for 15 mins without service 2. Eventually caught the attention of a waitress only to get a dirty...

8. The Grounds of Alexandria - 7a/2 Huntley St, Alexandria NSW
50 reviews
I have often driven past and been curious why The Grounds are so popular today I found out. As well as the coffee being top quality the grounds are...

9. The Newport - 2 Kalinya St, Newport NSW
17 reviews
Child friendly venue with some good variety of food though you will need to walk around to each kitchen to find your desired food as there is not one...

10. The Glenmore Hotel - 96 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW
9 reviews
Great multilevel pub that caters to those who enjoy keeping their feet on the ground to those who like their head in the clouds and everyone in between...

11. The Oaks Hotel - 118 Military Rd, Neutral Bay NSW
22 reviews
This place had delicious and fresh food, a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful ambiance. There is so much room to sit and enjoy a drink and a meal, it looks...

12. Panthers Penrith Rugby Leagues Club - 123 Mulgoa Rd, Penrith NSW
25 reviews
Great place to visit it has everything you need for s great night out food drink services great venue for any occasion

13. The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel - 19 Kent St, The Rocks NSW
20 reviews
Pro: Really cool place. Good food. Chilled atmosphere.
Con: it can get a bit noisy. Sound damper would have helped

14. Bavarian Beerhaus / BEERHAÜS - 24 York St, Sydney NSW
21 review
Just one sentence to describe this place, German Beers. Can't get any better than this. I have visited Bavarian Beerhaus multiple times, and it has...

15. Star Bar - 600 George St, Sydney NSW
33 reviews
Nice and affordable, 2min walk from both the train station and a Mac Donald's! It also has lots of pool tables. The atmosphere is great, with nice...

16. Cafe Sydney - 5 Sydney Customs House, 31 Alfred St, Sydney NSW
38 reviews
Hosted a delegation of Canadian clinicians for an evening meal. We loved the view and service! From drinks at the bar to the dining experience, the...

17. Castle Hill RSL Club - 77 Castle St, Castle Hill NSW
33 reviews
Had a birthday party for my 1 year old here. Absolutely phenomenal. Designed the outdoor area into a birthday wonderland. Everyone had such a good...

18. AN Restaurant - 27 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown NSW
6 reviews
Service is very quick and attentive. I would recommend going with the Large size as it is only $2 more but considerably bigger. The soup broth has a nice...

19. Mary's - 6 Mary St, Newtown NSW
24 reviews
Wonderfully juicy fried chicken that's among the best in Sydney. Great burgers too. The atmosphere won't suit everyone but will amuse many.

20. Golden Century Seafood Restaurant - 393-399 Sussex St, Sydney NSW
37 reviews
Food was good, but no veggies served with main meal, had to order a plate of veggies after our meals had arrived. Bit expensive $150 for 2. Staff were...

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