Pizza Galaxy

Last Update: May 2022

Address 6/50 Windsor Rd, Kellyville NSW, Australia
Phone +61 2 8883 0200
Categories Pizza Takeout, Italian Restaurant, Meal Delivery, Meal Takeaway, Pasta Shop
Rating 4.2 24 reviews
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Pizza Galaxy Reviews [2022]

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24 November 2021 6:02

Lots of toppings for a good sized pizza. As for the pizza itself, it's ok. Nothing to rave home about.but not on the bad side either.

20 November 2021 17:49

Really great Pizza, and I am pretty fussy with Pizza. The base was thin and crispy. Toppings fresh and plenty. Will definitely go again.

08 November 2021 8:44

This place is amazing. I haven’t lived in Kellyville for a couple of years but even til this day, my cousin still says pizza galaxy when referring to our local pizza shop before remembering that’s not right. We used to order from here very regularly and spend a lot of money and for good reason. Delicious pizza. Generous amounts of topping and delightful sizes. Really miss this place. We even asked them to pick us up drinks from the bottle-o next door (we paid of course) and they did! Absolute legends. Wish it was around the corner from where we are now but Queensland is a bit far.

14 October 2021 5:23

We just ordered our first pizza today from here, and we'll be coming back! Thankyou for the lovely fresh ingredients Pizza! Delicious!

21 May 2021 15:32

Nice staff, good costumer service, clean place and delicious chicken pizza,
The best pizza in this area,
Definitely will come back

Al Cohan
24 April 2021 2:09

It’s a cozy old fashioned place. There are plenty of car spaces outside. Inside is small and clean and only four tables are available. The menu is diverse that you have many options to choose. The chicken pizza was average and served very hot and fast. The taste was good. Service was.

02 April 2021 0:36

This little gem in the hills probably serves some of the best pizzas I’ve had in Sydney. Such a great variety and loaded with toppings, flavour at such great prices. It’s my go to place every weekend!

03 March 2021 7:17

Problems started when we ordered through UberEats and the delivery time kept changing. When I found out that the Uber driver was delivering numerous pizzas before ours I rang Pizza Gallery and was told "if you have a problem talk to Uber".
Pizza was delivered cold as expected and had to be heated up in the oven.
Turns out it wasn't worth waiting for so ordered more pizzas from another restaurant.
Tip.don't use Uber to deliver from here as they wait until numerous deliveries are ready

27 January 2021 22:14

Nice staff and fantastic food. Can be relied upon every time. I can't recommend highly enough.

19 January 2021 1:00

Their pizza has a unique taste that I can't explain. Ambiance may be improved though. But overall, great service.

12 December 2020 16:14

Ordered two large pizzas on Menulog. Delivery confirmed as 8: Five minutes later, delivery time changed to 9: 20 pm. Phoned restaurant at 8: 30 pm and told that pizza is on it’s way. Phoned 15 minutes later to be told pizza would be delivered at 9: 20 pm. So the restaurant lied. Phoned at 9: 30 pm to be told that they had run out of pizza bases and delivery would be 9: 40 pm.
So at 9.45 pm no pizza. Pretty upset at this stage and asked for money back. Was told they could cook and deliver a pizza in 15 minutes. Told them to return our money and they hung up. Called back at 9: 50 pm to be told order was cancelled and Menulog would refund our money.
This is a dishonest and disgraceful restaurant

09 October 2020 21:33

Ali is a fantastic owner. This is my first review and Pizza Galaxy deserves the praise. Best pizza in the Hills

05 October 2020 3:02

Ordered online, great pizza.
Pasta was extremely poor, it was easily the most bland pasta ive ever tasted. Guys add some taste, salt? Pepper? Herbs?

23 June 2020 10:56

Best Pizza in the Hills District. Would recommend to someone wanting a genuine Handmade pizza with the best ingredients. Well worth the visit.

14 December 2019 8:30

Best pizza I have ever had I got meat lovers and I am a Muslim so the food was made and had ingredients that were 100 percent halal. Fast service and absolutely delicious

29 October 2019 12:52

Crunchy, cheesey crust with a soft, thin base. Nothing shy about the amount of toppings. This is a perfect pizza. I didn't know I could eat this much.yumm. Awesome pizza.

14 June 2019 18:42

Friendly place with very tasty pizzas. Clean homemade taste. Generous toppings. Consistently delicious.

04 January 2019 10:01

Would recommend the pizza to anyone. Definitely won’t be ordering anywhere else in the future. Only disappointing thing is I have lived around the corner from these guys for 5 years and never tried it. Great pizza!

27 December 2018 20:40

I've ordered pizza a number of times for convenience, they look good but none of them have flavour and the last pizza had a blonde hair in the crust. The pepperoni and ham has a bland mince taste.

15 September 2018 17:14

Searching menu log for food for an hour sick of the same old same old, thought what the hay I see this place as I drive to work why not try it. Read reviews they seem promising, but boy oh boy was I impressed. Not only was delivery faster than the promised time but the food was still hot, fresh and delicious would definitely recommend the pizza if you live in the hills and you're sick of the standard options hands down beats all of them for taste and price!

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