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Last Update: May 2022

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1. Luna Park Sydney - 1 Olympic Dr, Milsons Point NSW
36 reviews
Its not as great as it used to be but thats because the residents around it keep complaining and trying to have it shut down, so they have had to stop...

2. ANZ Stadium - Edwin Flack Ave, Sydney Olympic Park NSW
34 reviews
Been here to witness a couple of epic performances, the 2005 Australia World Cup qualifier against Uruguay and Taylor Swift's Reputation stadium tour...

3. Qudos Bank Arena - 19 Edwin Flack Ave, Sydney Olympic Park NSW
35 reviews
Qudos Aren is excellent, venue well designed and quick exit at completion if concerts. Just don't stay at Olympic parks accommodation as extremely expensive...

4. Australian National Maritime Museum - 2 Murray St, Sydney NSW
13 reviews
Was excited to see the james cameron’s deep sea challenge 3D but it turned out to be a terrible example of 3D technology nothing 3D about the movie...

5. The Glenmore Hotel - 96 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW
9 reviews
Great multilevel pub that caters to those who enjoy keeping their feet on the ground to those who like their head in the clouds and everyone in between...

6. Symbio Wildlife Park - 7-11 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, Helensburgh NSW
23 reviews
Very clean tidy zoo but a little sparse on animals. They really care for their animals and enclosures are spacious and well suited. Better suited for...

7. Coogee Bay Hotel - 253 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee NSW
23 reviews
Chilled out place with good selection of drinks and food but probably could have used a couple more members of staff.

8. Star Bar - 600 George St, Sydney NSW
33 reviews
Nice and affordable, 2min walk from both the train station and a Mac Donald's! It also has lots of pool tables. The atmosphere is great, with nice...

9. Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel - 1 Military Rd, Watsons Bay NSW
34 reviews
This is the kind of venue where the glitterati and literatti spend the day trying to justify their existence to one another over a gin fizz whilst the...

10. Sydney Showground - 1 Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW
32 reviews
Nice place, but every time I go it’s so difficult to enter on time, without getting pushed by people. Sooo crowded.

11. Revesby Workers' Club - 2B Brett St, Revesby NSW
35 reviews
Plush decode, vibrant restaurant. Free entertainment every Friday and Saturday. Large auditorium for big shows. Refer to their site for what's on...

12. The Sporting Globe x 4 Pines - King Street Wharf, 22 The Promenade, Sydney NSW
10 reviews
Great bar to watch any sort of sporting events. The area where it is located doesn't get much better to be honest. The bar has an extensive variety of choices...

13. Bungalow 8 - 3 Lime St, Sydney NSW
28 reviews
I've always love the view, food and atmosphere here especially during spring! The sunset is amazing!

14. Club Marconi - 121-133 Prairie Vale Rd, Bossley Park NSW
32 reviews
Best buffet locally at such cheap price. Good selecion of food, better than Bankstown. My only issue is $3 for bottomless cup is a bit pricy, compare...

15. Cargo Bar - King Street Wharf, Darling Harbour, 52-60 The Promenade, Sydney NSW 2000
46 reviews
It's been a while since I been here but the DJs they employ are very average now.terrible mixing and cutting good songs mid chorus.maybe we got a bad...

16. P.J.O'Brien's - 57 King St, Sydney NSW
31 review
Nice pub with good food and service. Prices are pretty typical of what you would expect in the city of Sydney.

17. Hurricane's Grill Darling Harbour - Shops 433 - 436 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW
34 reviews
Worse experience in my life. Terrible lady who works at front desk blondie.way over crowded ribs were cold. Rocket salad they changed menu had blue...

18. Lal Qila Darling Harbour - 30 Lime St, Darling Harbour NSW
41 review
Very good food and ambiance for Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Warm staff. A bit on the costlier side but the quantity is very good.

19. St Marys Rugby League Club - Cn Forrester Rd &, Boronia Rd, St Marys NSW
26 reviews
My local club been a member now for 10 years. Ironbark has amazing pizzas and pastas and Waterstone has great food. Awesome place to hang out with friends...

20. City Extra 24 Hour Restaurant - E4 East Podium Between Wharf 3 & 4 (Manly Ferry Saint-Antoine Street West Sydney, NSW
12 reviews
Very bad experience. We were told to leave. Will never be there again. Not kid friendly. They didnt let us in because my kid who is 5 had a hungryjacks...

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