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Last Update: May 2022

In category «tire shop» found 38 companies with reviews and contacts, top 20:

1. JAX Tyres Mitchell - 10-12 Winchcombe Ct, Mitchell ACT
40 reviews
Very happy with Matt and the team at Mitchell JAX Tyres. Matt knows how a customer should be treated, and gives competitive prices. Also love the...

2. JAX Tyres Fyshwick - 38 Gladstone St, Fyshwick ACT
35 reviews
Great team, no BS. Happy to recomend to family and friends for tyres, servicing, and mechanical repairs.

3. Ozzy Tyres Fyshwick - 13 Wollongong St, Fyshwick ACT
Really happy with my new tyres and rims omg! AJ and the fellas are the best! They really took the best care of me. Highly recommend them!

4. Bob Jane T-Marts - 86 Nettlefold St, Belconnen ACT
17 reviews
All tyre fitters are on lunch from 12pm ro it possible to stagger lunch breaks, and avoid a 45 min wait for a fitting

5. Kmart Tyre & Auto Service Gungahlin - Enter off, Efkarpidis St & Gungahlin Place, Efkarpidis St, Gungahlin ACT 2912
28 reviews
Don't trust them when they say they can service any car. I had my Peugeot serviced there in May, they incorrectly fitted the battery causing numerous...

6. mycar Tyre and Auto Service Wanniassa - Shell Coles Express Service Station 51 Rylah Crescent (near, Langdon Ave, Wanniassa ACT
41 review
Fit us in really quickly, Michael and the team were great. Went above and beyond for me. Really appreciate the quality service.

7. Bob Jane T-Marts - 115-117 Wollongong St, Fyshwick ACT
28 reviews
Took both cars in for a rotation and wheel alignment. They did the work but didn't say anything about tyre condition. 3 weeks later we fail a roadworthy...

8. mycar Tyre and Auto Braddon - Shell Coles Express Service Station 54 Mort Street Corner of Girrawheen Street, Braddon ACT
33 reviews
Great tyres, services - and fabulous windscreen wipers! ;-) These guys are the best. Very friendly, well-priced and efficient service. Always take my car here...

9. mycar Tyre & Auto Tuggeranong - Reed St N, Greenway ACT
8 reviews
Ordered tyres online with them. The store contacted me as soon as the tyres got delivered and offered me an earlier appointment. Great service

10. Goodyear Autocare Gungahlin - 1 O'Brien Pl, Gungahlin ACT
17 reviews
Fast service. Turned around a roadworthy in half an hour. Approachable and casual atmosphere. Will return.

11. JAX Tyres Phillip - 58/60 Colbee Ct, Phillip ACT
31 review
Very rude staff. Happy to just stare at you without speaking to you. Make you feel like you're intruding. Would not recommend. NO STARS

12. Bridgestone Service Centre - Fyshwick Tyres - 96 Maryborough St, Fyshwick ACT
22 reviews
We use these guys at work and always get the job done ahead of schedule. John takes care of all my staff in the utmost professional manner and his...

13. ACT Tyrepower - 27 Nettlefold St, Belconnen ACT
18 reviews
Polite and friendly staff, excellent experience. Called at 8.30 am Monday morning and had 4 brand new tyres fillted by 10.00 am. Amazing service...

14. Kmart Tyre & Auto Service Fyshwick - 1/2 Kembla St, Fyshwick ACT
26 reviews
The team at KTAS Fyshwick are always friendly and helpful. They always offer me fixed quotations, honest advice and friendly service. The turn-around...

15. Transtate Tyres and Suspension Services - 2 Egan Ct, Belconnen ACT
18 reviews
I first visited the lads at Transtate Queanbeyan about 15 months ago. My car was playing up badly and I needed help. They were booked solid with work...

16. Kmart Tyre & Auto Service Manuka - Shell Coles Express Service Flinders Way Corner of Canberra Avenue and, Flinders Way, ACT
13 reviews
Even though they were busy they found time to repair our flat, and did it with a smile. Highly recommend.

17. JAX Tyres Tuggeranong - 149/165 Soward Way, Greenway ACT
28 reviews
Got called in for a shift at 11 just before handing in my car at 8.i needed 4 new tires and brakes sorted, not an easy thing to do in such a time...

18. TYREPLUS Phillip - 6/8 Botany St, Phillip ACT
36 reviews
Do your research before going here; I can only speak about exhaust technician, very poor service and lack of knowledge. They replaced a blown muffler...

19. Kmart Tyre & Auto Service Deakin - Shell Coles Express Service Station 25 Hopetoun Circuit Corner of, Grose St, Deakin ACT
17 reviews
Always accommodating for my schedule and top quality servicing. Great communications and customer focus.

20. Canberra Tyres - 110 Wollongong St, Fyshwick ACT
16 reviews
Took a set of tyres to be fitted to my alloy rims. The rims had been repainted 3 or 4 days prior, which I brought to the attention of Northwest staff...

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