Best Medical Center ACT: reviews

Last Update: May 2022

In category «medical center» found 26 companies with reviews and contacts, top 20:

1. Isabella Plains Medical Centre - 9 Arakoon Cres, Isabella Plains ACT
18 reviews
After going here for years my previous trip will be my last, as i sat in the waiting room for almost an hour crook as a dog. Recently the medical...

2. Ochre Health Medical Centre Garran - 2 Garran Pl, Garran ACT
29 reviews
I used to a have a caring GP but now I have to pay for scripts provided a few months ago, if they ever get back to you.

3. Ochre Health Medical Centre Bruce - Building 28, Allawoona St &, Ginninderra Dr, Bruce ACT
23 reviews
My mum had seen several skin specialists who all tried and all failed before meeting Dr Sue Guriguis. Under Dr Sue's care mum now manages her...

4. Ochre Health Medical Centre Kingston - level 1 unit 6/62 Jardine St, Kingston ACT
24 reviews
Whilst researching medical practices in our area I decided to make an appointment to see Dr Glen Dillon @ Ochre medical practice in Kingston. Due to him...

5. My Medical Practice Charnwood - 7 Charnwood Pl, Charnwood ACT
27 reviews
Cannot comment on the quality of the doctors because i could not and would not try again to get past the front desk. I walked in to make an appointment...

6. Ochre Health Medical Centre Casey - 15 Whitrod Ave, Casey ACT
23 reviews
Excellent service and very friendly and attentive staff. The nurses are both awesome as are the lovely ladies on reception. The doctors are very...

7. Greenway Medical Centre - Unit 6/175 Anketell St, Greenway ACT
33 reviews
I have always had excellent service at this practice. Dr. Kumaar is knowledgeable, thorough and has an excellent ‘bedside manner’. The reception staff...

8. Ochre Medical Centre Tuggeranong - Shop 237/140 Anketell St, Greenway ACT
7 reviews
Dr Jeff helped me get to the bottom of an issue that prior DRs had put down to allergies and lack of sleep. In addition, he has good communication...

9. University of Canberra Medical and Counselling Centre - Building 1, level b/1 Kirinari St, Bruce ACT
3 reviews
Almost wait there for 1.30 hour, even i had appointment. After asking them how long it will take, receptionist was keep on saying one patient ahead...

10. North Canberra Family Practice - 5B Chandler St, Belconnen ACT
13 reviews
Doctors do not listen to patents, tried to give me a script that would react with current medication & would not listen. Was told by same Doctor...

11. Ainslie Family Practice - 21 Edgar St, Ainslie ACT
23 reviews
My family and I have been coming to this beautiful family practice for many years. I highly recommend this practice to all our friends and family. The...

12. Gungahlin Family Healthcare - 2 Franz Bormann Cl, Gungahlin ACT
14 reviews
Professional medical team. Nice receptionists especially Gabrielle which is amazing, cooperative and professional. Thanks u for your fantastic service...

13. Wentworth Avenue Family Practice - 55 Wentworth Ave, Kingston ACT
25 reviews
Very poorly run practise. You can make a booking but doctors were >1 hour late at 10am in the morning! Would recommend you find somewhere else.

14. Conder Surgery - 3/3 Sidney Nolan St, Conder ACT
15 reviews
The doctors and nurses are excellent and very friendly. Receptionists are more proactive and friendly than in the past.

15. Canberra Imaging Group - Deakin - John James Healthcare Campus, Peter Yorke Building, 173 Strickland Cres, Deakin ACT
14 reviews
Contacted them to make an MRI appointment for a full spine scan. Was informed they do not Medicare rebate them at all and the price was an astonishing...

16. Franklin General Practice - 54 Nullarbor Ave, Franklin ACT
2 reviews
Newest GP practice in Franklin that bulk bills! Went here for a lump on my neck. The Dr was very polite & comprehensive, ordered bulk billed blood...

17. Faces Medical Skin Clinic - Level 1/30 Hibberson St, Gungahlin ACT
Sarah is by far the most knowledgeable and experienced cosmetic injector I’ve ever come across! She is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you...

18. Kingston Foreshore Medical Centre - Unit 147/39 Eastlake Parade, Kingston ACT
26 reviews
I’ve been living in the ACT for 7 years, and this is the first doctors practice I’ve actually liked. They’re very professional and friendly, and they...

19. Jamison Medical and Skin Cancer Clinic - My Healthy Life Medical - Shop C4, Jamison Plaza, Bowman St, Macquarie ACT
9 reviews
This Himali GP, I waited more than an hour to see her, only to check on me for a couple of minutes! She seems rushed and runs everywhere. I wasn't...

20. Canberra Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - Mckay Gardens Professional Centre, 8/5 McKay Gardens, Turner ACT
8 reviews
I have been going to these guys for years. They have helped me through sporting injuries (when I used to do rugby, cricket, boxing and weights) to now...

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