Coles Curtin

Last Update: May 2022

Address Centre, 51 Curtin Pl, Curtin ACT, Australia
Phone +61 2 6122 9600
Hours 06:00-22:00
Categories Supermarket
Rating 3.1 35 reviews
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Coles Manuka — Franklin Street &, Flinders Way, Griffith ACT
Coles Canberra Civic — Bunda St & Petrie St Canberra Civic, ACT
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Coles Curtin Reviews [2022]

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When choosing a business to work with, it is always important to do your research in order to make an informed decision. Today, this is especially true, as there are countless companies competing for our business and trying to convince us that they offer the best products and services.

01 May 2022 18:25

It's comparatively a small store but neat and clean and well stocked. The staff were helpful enough and it's easy to find whatever you need. However it's a bit crowded in the self check out area as there's not enough machines. Other than that, it was a good experience and will be definitely back here.

13 April 2022 16:34

Friendly staff, good customer service. However, organic range and pricing, overall product range needs improving. Otherwise I would give 5 star.

07 April 2022 13:13

When asking for help to find a product, an employee replies with 'not sure, can't help, I'm busy". Rude, lazy and unprofessional staff.

21 February 2022 8:00

Staff are friendly and helpful. Coles Curtin can be busy in the afternoon with school children

11 September 2021 8:08

I went there today, not my local which I am pleased about, the staff particularly the manager on the day was very rude! Tried to provide my feedback at the store but no one was interested. Will stick to my local supermarket in future

09 August 2021 6:33

It's a smaller store, but neat and well stocked. Staff are good, and there are always specials.

10 July 2021 4:49

Coles Curtin is a very convenient place to shop, good range of products and friendly staff

20 June 2021 7:19

Great little suburban store with only two minor downsides. Never has eye fillet tails. And whilst approx. 683,000 Australians are deathly allergic to nuts (AHG2020 statistics), every single fresh food isle plus the entire entry counter are completely lined with nut displays (plus checkouts, plus nut self service area, plus health food area). How many nut displays does one store need? Focus on food variety please!

27 April 2021 20:14

A small supermarket that services more than the local community. The Fresh fruit and vegetable section is comprehensive, an adequate seafood and deli section, and a good dairy selection. Other goods can be a bit hit and miss given the space limitations of what is now a smaller supermarket in the chain. Parking isn’t too bad, especially given the nearby construction

13 April 2021 12:28

Coles Curtin may be smaller than most, however it has a big heart and aspiring range of meats, drinks and household items.

11 March 2021 10:34

Great great. Lovely staff. Helpful for me as an interstate visitor.only gripe was I bought a thin bunch of flowers for my ailing mum they were $25. There were max 5 flowers in the bunch. Therefore I took a star off because the flowers were unreasonably expensive for 3 day old flowers, but I was desperate.

14 February 2021 14:55

Wow what a nice place you can pick up Chinese girls here very easy just go to the cafe and order a macchiato and a hamburger with the lot with chips and onion rings and you'll be in for a big surprise

11 August 2020 7:12

For a smaller size Coles it's got a decent supply of items, however the layout of the store is really counterintuative. I was impressed with their covid measures and staff.

08 July 2020 7:01

Great location. Staff always very friendly. Parking can be an issue at peak times. But a big thumbs up

24 June 2020 14:16

Feels terribly unsafe, there are always homeless people asking for money and being very confrontational. Two new guys have moved in recently and are constantly drunk outside the store harassing people. I avoid shopping here alone.

01 June 2020 19:39

What a great experience. Coles Curtin has been great, friendly staff every time l have been there. Everything l could need except toilet paper.l normally do my food shopping for my mum at Wanniassa once a week but due to this they have nothing. Coles are excellent.

22 May 2020 1:56

Please stop those two extremely rude people who have been hassling people for money for YEARS in the entrance. It's getting beyond a joke. They drive a better car than me!

02 April 2020 4:14

Construction happening, so parking and entry not so easy to negotiate.
Everyone was coming out with toilet paper including us as we decided my brother and his partner that were visiting from Melbourne, could not get any, so we decided it could be an early easter present and he could take it back with him

25 April 2019 20:21

Slightly smaller compared to other Coles stores in and around Canberra but serves the purpose whatsoever.

10 March 2019 21:35

A pretty average Coles with an average range. For most groceries it will be fine, but occasionally you'll need to go to a bigger Coles to get everything you need

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